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A Thing About You Lyrics: Hunter Hayes

There's a pain in hangin somewhere in Paris, millions come over to state at her, but she won't crack a smile.
An Italian tower leanin like its had too much to drink. Still sellin tickets, like it's goin out of style.

Oh, but when I look at you I know there's nothin to improve because you're perfect girl (oh oh oh oh). And every little move and every little grove makes me sing (oh oh oh oh) and this world would change a lot about you baby if it could, but lookin through the glass that I'm seein through, I wouldn't change a thing about a thing about you.

Well I go too fast think too slow, change like the weather, I know you could do better, I don't know what you see. You think your hair's too short, your eyes are too green, girl I don't know what you mean, not that you are it if you're askin me


Every little imperfection only makes you you.

And when I look at you I know there's nothin to improve you're perfect girl


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