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MetroLyrics is the premiere destination for song lyrics online, with a legal database of over a million songs!
Beyond The Words
MetroLyrics is the most popular lyrics website worldwide, boasting the most comprehensive database of legal lyrics in the world with over 1 Million titles. With a best-in-class design and first-to-market social media sharing features, MetroLyrics is the web's premiere lyrics site.
The Audience Is Searching
Despite lyrics being one of the most searched terms online, the online music experience has generally been centered around listening, watching, and editorial services. It is MetroLyrics' understanding and focus on the emotional connection inherent to the lyrics experience that allows them to dominate the lyrics space.
Leading The Way
MetroLyrics was the first lyrics site to provide users with licensed song lyrics and to compensate copyright holders for the content through its partnership with Gracenote. MetroLyrics was founded in 2004 by Milun Tesovic and later became MetroLeap Media with the help of Alan Juristovski in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. CBSiMG acquired MetroLyrics in September, 2011.
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