Sahara Smith - Are You Lonely

Moms and dads lights down low
And all the little babies keep .
Watch the years fly by its easy to forget
Is the time to let a love like that begin
Time to hear somebody breathing in this . spot of my dreams
Are you lonely?
Are you lonely?
Do you want me?
Do you want me?
Oh yeah
And tonight I think I am going downtown
There is a bar down the center where the lonely people go to get useless
If its true what they say about you
Must be true what they say about me
God is getting hard to know what truth is
If you forgive me in the morning thats alright
Cause I forget you too
They say its easy to fall in love .
And tonight Ill pull the curtain down
Pull never . but me
Green white sheets on a . bed . somewhere else instead . I dont know where I would be
When youre young you should be free . I dont wanna be

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