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Arrested Lyrics

from N.W.A. - Greatest Hits

"Arrested" is track #2 on the album N.W.A. - Greatest Hits.
"Arrested" is track #2 on the album N.W.A. - Greatest Hits.

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Police: Ok niggas you got one call

Easy-E: aint that a bitch you fat mother fucker let me call my home boy and get
Us out 7, 3, 9, 6, 6 god damn i hope this nigga at home.Hello EZE: hey what's up
Man? what's up homie? EZE: aww man this mother fuckers got us down here in this
God damn jail man.Man: No Shit.EZE: Hell yeah man we was like rollin and shit we
Was lookin for some bitches so we pulled up on like 4 fine hoes and you know i
Know i didn't know the mother fuckin bitches was prostotutes man and they was
Police aint that a bitch.Man: Hey man where was you`ll at? EZE: Man we was on
Hollywood, in da Hollywood man lookin at some bitches, bitches was bad then a
Mother fucker man, man don't tell my woman man cause i don't want her to know
What the fucks goin on you know and fuck up for me man cause you know you know
All the pussy i get anyway.Man: Yeah word man.Man: Who was you wit man? EZE: Man i
Was wit Yellow, Ren, Dre you know man.Man: man all them nigga wit you.EZE: Yeah you
Know.Man: man aint that a bitch.EZE: Niggas trin to get they thing wet you know
What i`m sayin.Man: Yeah.EZE: Man fuck it I`ll just let you talk to Ren he can
Tell you a little bit better then i can shit hold on...

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