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Be Warned Lyrics

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Tech N9ne: The Omega
Tech N9ne: The end
Tech N9ne: Check it out, check it out
[Tech N9ne]
Anybody wanna go to war wit a nigga like Tech Neezle
When he killin them evil people
Anybody thinkin evil is feasible
Need to go
Everybody that's baned for
I'm a killa wit a chainsaw
I'm a damage 'n' maim yall
The devilish death by an angel
Change all
Fuck a nigga
Buck a nigga
When he wanna get a piece of a Native Amerikilla
Gorilla like me
Tha mothafucka might see
Or might not see
That I'm about me broccoli
You can lock me
In a cell wit a Nazi
Whiter than oxy
And he wouldn't wanna box me
When I'm finished
Da mind is diminished to comin out blacker than a shocked lee
Numba N9ne
The heat
The beast
For me
Right next to ya watchin tha beat
Have sex wit ya
Shakin hella hands and kissin babies
Spittin that shit that'll make 'em all go crazy
In a warzone
(If you repeat the words Be Warned three times all your fears and stress
will no longer exist)
Be Warned, Be Warned, Be Warned (Backwards)
We mothafuckaz this is lyrical WARFARE!
Don't nobody wit Tech N9ne betta bust back like a mothafucka (OH YEAH!)
Anybody wanna diss Tecca Nina you know you mothafuckaz goin' (NO WHERE!)
Eleven eight seventy (O-N-E BORN!)
These punk mothafuckaz betta (BE WARNED!)
I write the scripture to flip ya
No course to got you
When I ripped cha
Lyrics bit cha
Like nosferatu
When I lit cha
When I spit cha
Right before I shot you
El legua selam brock ma to allow what but i got to
Feelin my heart hates my brain (brain brain)
Cause my brain makes me do things that causes my heart pain (Who's to
Never will the Nina name any names (names names)
But uh mothafuckaz wantin Nina to sell his soul for the price of fame
Fuck that with a big dick!
Never will I get wit a mothafucka tryin to get the millimeter twisted!
Bow to me!
Six six triple eight forty six ninty nine three!
On top of the world
It's mine! Look ma I made it!
Satan delayed it
But a higher power okayed it!
So I sprayed it!
Nigga nigga
Don't nobody wit Tech N9ne best bust back like a mothafucka (OH YEAH!)
Anybody wanna diss Tecca Nina you know you mothafuckaz goin' (NO WHERE!)
Eleven eight seventy (O-N-E BOMB!)
These punk mothafuckaz betta (BE WARNED!

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