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Chevy Lyrics

feat. Young Steff

from Back By Thug Demand

"Chevy" is track #9 on the album Back By Thug Demand. It was written by Young, Maurice / Young, Charles / Seymour, Mark / Thomas, Byron.
"Chevy" is track #9 on the album Back By Thug Demand. It was written by Young, Maurice / Young, Charles / Seymour, Mark / Thomas, Byron.

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Im riding hard in the donk/
Lookin big in the donk/
Gotta get it in my donk/
Steady grillin in my donk/
Im riding with my top down/(Top Down)/
Im just trying to put my mack down/
And Im just flossin in my heavy chevy/
(Verse 1)
I feel like an old Seven tray impala/
Wit no doors and no windows/
Wit no oil/no g*d dam**d water/
Been riding around for over 200, 000 miles/
With no tags/no insurance/
On some old bald head a** tires/
My alignment off/timing off/
S**t lookin real bad/
Cuz Im down to my last quarter tank of gas/
Good thing the weathers in fair condition/
Cuz where Im from/
All year long n****s need air condition/
But I aint got none cuz my compressor gone/
And I keep hearing a tick tick tick ticker sound/
I think one of my heads is blown/
They say for 1500 I can get it rebuilt/
But I aint got a dime/
Im going through some hard times/
I aint lyin/
(Verse 2)
You know s**t get rough/
Every year around the same time/
The longer you wait/the longer its gonna take for you to calm it down/
And its gon take more than a check for X to pimp my ride/
Ima need me a new blockbuster deal/
For a n***a to live/
Its gon take shady 4, 5 maybe 6 mil/
I done did 6 albums n***a/
This s***s real/
And now you trippin/
Cuz my transmission aint slippin/
I aint getting no younger/
Im damn near 50/
Ive been ticketed and towed/
And broke down on the side of the road/
Steering column been broke up/
But never been sold/
So this time Ima need me some insurance/
I need me some medical/and dental/and some gangsta a** instrumentals/
So I can get this s**t all chromed out/
Painted candy apple green/
The wettest s**t a n***a ever seen/
If daddy dollars cant do it/
G*d dam**t it must cant be done/
And I must be a motherf****n pearl shine/
(Verse 3)
Aint nothing like and ol full tank of gas/
Aint nothing like being waxed and washed/
Then being valet parked/
And I got rid of that old bad cough/
Got me a new cam and exhaust/
A n***a pushing 500 horses/
And thats without the spray/
Get out my way/
Get out your car/
This green thing/
Is a motherf****n superstar/
The American Idol of the Chevy game/
Trick Daddy Dollars/
Don Dada/
A f****n donk rider/


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