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Clear Cut Lyrics

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ThoUSaNd Voices tearing me doWn
THoUsAND vOIces tearinG me down

a CLeAR CUt i'm NOT bEGGing For anOThER Day
A Clear cUT I'M NoT sEarcHIng FoR anOTHEr way
FoR My mentaL DecaY
A Clear cUt! a clear cuT! A CLEar Cut!
eveRtHiNG ELsE Is jUst aNothER dELAy

the buLleT wOn't fit in the gun
The baG has a HOlE and ThE kNiFe iS blunt
wiNdow won't open again
the rope is torN aNd i caN't gO on
I'm Stucked here wIthin
LookiNg back and It makes nO Sense
I'M FalLIng AgaIn
digginG deepEr, BUt I can'T FiND ThE enD

oH...takE iT away, taKE it awaY
tAkE IT awaY FRom mE
or aM i iNvIsibLE?

yoU wAnNa tEll mE hoW WoNDeRFUL It iS
sTarT TO lISten I'm FuCkING SICK oF IT
YoU waNNa HeLP ME, bUT tHis lIfe Is ShiT
I'm TryiNg To shoW yOu hOw mUCH i'M HAtInG It
i'M HATINg IT! i'M hATiNG iT!
I'm hatInG iT!

ThaT stUPid game is not mine
ThEy'Re PlayiNG With me aLl tHe Time
AnD i'm nOt born for thiS
tHe eNd of tHe road aND all eXiSTS i'd misseD
and I'm STuCKed heRe WiThin
looKiNG forWard anD it makes No SenCe
i'm falLing aGain
ScratChing Deeper, BUt nothing'S UNder mY SKin

i'm creePIng oN the flooR
sitting in the corNER
thouSANd voiCes tEaRing ME down
teAriNg mE DoWn, teariNg me dOwn, teaRiNg mE down

Do SEe me CReePInG oN the FLOOr
A coLD BOdy LYiNG IN tHE cORner
Do YOu HeAR Them: THoUsANd VoiCes
TeaRiNG mE Down, THEY WAnNA SeE ...

A CLeAR Cut iN MY fiNaL SHow
a clEAR cUt IN mY FiNal SHOW
TeAriNG Me down, tHey wanna see ...

TeaRing Me DoWN
tearing mE down
TeAriNG me ... down!

YOU wanNa teLL Me How WoNDerFuL It is
I cAN'T beLiEvE I'm sO FuCking dEPreSSiVe
YoU wanNa Help ME, But I'm ReADy to gO
ThE WhiTe NOisE In mY HEAD leT mE knoW

A clear cut a clear cut
A cLear Cut everyThING elsE is just anotheR delay
A cLear cUt a CLEar CuT
A cleAr cuT Everything ElSe is jusT aNotHEr delAY

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