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Coconuts Lyrics

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Ah yo!
Eh, work it with them coconuts, oh
Eh, let me see them coconuts
Oh, I got a lean up in my right hand
Eh, I got a lean up in my right hand
Oh, I'm already going coconuts
Eh, whoa

So girly open up go coconuts
Find some dope, smoke it up, get liquored and soak it up
I poke a slut until they call it broken but
Cam's solo blowing up as soon as Bucky slow it up, yup
This ain't no joking stuff, ha ha ha ha
I see you phoney rappers later bye, bye (bye bye)
I'm known to pimp a bitch and drop her like she cargo
When it comes to ugly ones I block 'em like embargo
I'd rather be chilling with Carlos
The rest can left a mess, you know straight retardo
When it comes to words I'm a wizard when I'm slizzard
Cutting like some scissors, I get colder than a blizzard (brr)
And you don't want no showdown, you don't want it
I get it cracking like some coconuts when I'm in my hometown (uh)
And that's the way it goes down (uh huh)
And if you didn't know before then you know now

Eh, allow me the beat, oh
Eh, work it with them coconuts
Oh, this shit is strong
Eh, you know it man, oh
Eh, excuse me, oh
Eh, let me see them coconuts, oh

So uh uh, uh uh, who got the keys to the splash? (huh)
Guaranteed that I'm a do this shit quick fast (yeah)
Vroom, vroom, just like I'm on shrooms
Get the f*** out of this room your style poom poom shit
Like Dr. Doom I am the villain
Ask me if we're chilling but really I undersell it
And I'm killing but I ain't doing it literally
We're doing it with verbals, man their ass is getting near to me
Yeah I spit it so sick (so sick)
You wanna do this shit bitches you can suck on the dick (suck on the dick)
Eh yo, my man Bucky, I'm feeling lucky
I'm skiing this shit up then I'm chopping it just like Chucky, yeah
I'm feeling nice bitches, get your cameras (click click)
I do this shit from the spot to the slammer
And then I'm whipping out the hammer (hammer)
And that's a penis for you bitches that don't understand 'er, yup

Eh, allow me the beat, oh
Eh, allow me the beat, oh
Eh, allow me the beat, oh
Eh, allow me the beat, oh
Eh, let me see them coconuts, oh

Solo got the rhyme about them coconuts and when we roll up
Showing up, everybody gon' go and throw 'em on up
Got the rhyme about them coconuts and make you go "Oh!"
See shorty in the corner and I tell you what her do now
Girly take your coconuts and push 'em all together
Me pouring the cider, shake 'em for your fella
Now doctor, got what you need
Doctor, got me with the lean like
Doctor, show you what it do
And you calling in the morning and I tell you (brr)

Eh, so let me see them coconuts, oh
Yeah work it with your coconuts
Eh, well let me see them coconuts, oh

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