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Dailey and Vincent
Come Back To Me Lyrics

I was once a wayward child
Thought I had all the answers
foolish heart and foolish dreams
The world was my master
I found myself a broken man
In need of love and compassion
and the words of my father
Came Back to Me

Come back to me my child
For my arms are open wide
Come back to me and rest
In my love
I'll never turn away
No matter how lost you may be
You can always
come back to me.

As I made my way back home
I couldn't help but wonder
would he even know my name
would he still keep his promise
ashamed of everything I've done
would he ever forgive me
And the words of my father
Came back to me


And I stood on that hill
I looked at my home
Tears filled my eyes
And I felt so alone
Then I saw my father come running to me.
His Arms stretched out
I fell on my knees
Oh I fell on my knees

He said I love you son.
I'm so glad you've


oh you can always, you can always
come back to me

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