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Cool Guy 2 Lyrics

from Stan & Judy's Kid

"Cool Guy 2" is track #5 on the album Stan & Judy's Kid.
"Cool Guy 2" is track #5 on the album Stan & Judy's Kid.

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-{The Sounds of waves crashing-

SEAN:This is quite the chill night.kicking back on the beach with a fine girl such as yourself.

GIRL #2:Yeah, the waves are so calming.

SEAN:So, is your body.looking like michaelangelo made you or some shit.

GIRL #2:Thanks sean, that's so sweet.

-{Sean presses 'play' button on tape player-

SEAN:Let's see what's going on under this velvet top of yours.

GIRL #2:Uh-oh.

SEAN:Oh calming, your coming off strong with some beautiful waves of your own there, baby.

GIRL #2:Oh sean, you're so cute.

SEAN:Why don't we leave the summer skirt on, but let's take those fine panties passed those long, strong legs of yours, hmm?

GIRL #2:Oh my god.


GIRL #2:And how about you take off clothes, sean.

SEAN:Oh, oh is that right, baby?You want me to show my stuff, too?
GIRL #2:My god, you look good, sean.

SEAN:Yeah, yeah baby I keep in shape, you know.

GIRL #2:Ooh.

-{she starts to unbuckle his pants-

SEAN:Yeah, unbuckle my pants, move hands on my wet weiner and let's get it swingin'.

GIRL #2:What's that?
SEAN:Let's get it swingin'.

GIRL #2:No, the other thing you said?

SEAN:...The wet-weiner?

GIRL #2:-{gasps- You know what?


GIRL #2:I'm going to go throw up, now.See you.

SEAN:Hmm, leave me all horny here.How-- how you going to get home there, baby?

GIRL #2:I'll walk.-{She begins to walk away-

SEAN:Mm-hm. I'm-a call you.

GIRL #2:Don't. -{She's gone-

SEAN:A'ight, A'ight.I'm go in for a swim anyways, you know that baby.-{to self- Going to get this swing-ding wet somehow.
Salted off the rubarbs, ain't that a bitch?


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