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Cut Me Off Lyrics

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Sick split with the flow shit
Bitter like burning butter
But i bang? on the game
Pick pain but burn blunters
No games while you david and bustered
I'm getting flustered
Rolling down my windows
Asking for fucking mustard
Small fries on theese fast food rappers i take em out
Pick plenty pop rappers I smash with no clout
Smash mouth what I raised on
My lines doing coke
That post nasal drip got me literally spitting
Crack it back with these toys no need for decoys
I'm out in b town getting ?brain? Like BC boys
Fuck universities and what it just occurred to me
Cause I be written raps way before the fucking nursery
Yeah yeah we know im balling like a freethrow
Thats my alter ego but on god im real bro
Bowl cruise in the pasat
No for size in my bars on the track
This stomach full of scars bitch, arrr
You didnt have to cut me off
now your just somebody that I used to know
You didnt have to cut me off
Have your friend collect your records and then change your number
You didnt have to cut me off now your just somebody that I used to know
You didnt have to cut me off
Have your friends colect your records and then change your number
Flick flickin the blunt
Flip spitter
Pink pounds of the best picked piffs leaves
Literally seeds in my weed
No need to stack ??ex??
Smoke mad hash
?Father? the ground I pass tests im a
Never need no help not even we know
Just pleased if my trees blow being baked like bistros
No motivation in our generation im just chilling in my basement
Looking for an occasion man
Man I be outy playing hooty fruity tooty
Rap practice on my way to Ruby Tuesdays
Or the movies buying rounds on your bitch ass
Watch this gold record fly by bitch think fast or get wip lash
I came in the game just to claim what I can
The lyrisism of ?I ram? bitches with no lane
No backpack toughing the sack
Fuck frat raps trying to act hard you should
Get some fucking arm tats
I aint in college I aint even go to class back in high school
But you know a motherfucker passed
Pass blunts to the left side
No ash on my dash board
Whores trying to rhyme with us but I dont even skateboard
Sticking digits in their cellular devices
Im a nicer guy in person on these verses bronchitis
And these teens fuck with it like ?mono? Bitches gold digging
Real with my rap game you just Nicole Kidman
Are you kidding?

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