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Dime Piece Lyrics

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Its driving me outta my mind
That's why its so hard for me to find..
(Yo, this only for da sexy people.
All my dime piece's report to da dance floor.
I produced this. HEY!
For you to move your feet, HEY! HEY!
So please believe..
It's Can-I-Ball..)

[Verse 1]
Dime piece. definition of a chick
Nice, sweet.., educated, independent, thang...
Way she fillin' up them jeans gotta tear drop like visine.
Like WHOOP! Shawty stuck it out had to touch it..
OOPS, I could make it up, just jump in my COUPE!
With a diamond and jewels, and I see that Jimmy choo is designer your shoes
Mama listen, you ain't never heard a flow like this one
Who you know Gigalo and still Christian
Lil' shawty stop trippin', if Don Juan's a bishop,
Why Nick cant be pimpin'?
CHICK-PLEASE.. I'm just tryin' to get ya in ya VICKY'S..
Wait take a minute take a flick just FREEZE
Cause you know that Cannon be flashing
I'm gettin more head then an asprin
Im askin', are you a dime? da..dime?

Its driving me outta my mind (Hey Ladies)
That's why its so hard for me to find (Hey ladies)


[Verse 2 (Izzy)]
Nick, you lookin for a Dime?
Izz gotta a 9, make niggas put 'em high
Call 'em in the sky, Money over dames
And I ain't got time but to gettin brain from a dime
Now thats changin yo mind
My dick feels for you like Shakakon
Flip head and tails when I'm tossin' yo moms
They call me Izzy you know
Single the I, then you double the Z, then you single the Y
Where all my ladies that single tonite
At the strip club got me throwing singles tonite
This beat poison and I'm I-V on da mic
What them dimes say when I-Z on da mic
(Go Izzy, Go Izzy) Feeling me right? Can't even name all the 10's that's on pipe
that Ronda, Bonnie, Vicky was twice
Now she a born again vixen with some dick in her life.
Are you a dime? da..dime?

Its driving me outta my mind (Hey Ladies)
That's why its so hard for me to find..(Hey Ladies)
Are you a dime?

All the ugly chicks be quiet (Hey, Hey)
If you fly get a drink, I'll buy it (Hey, Hey)
And at the end of the nite I might hit (Hey, Hey)
Cause I like it, I love it, Can-I-Ball on the beat make the club hit?

[Verse 3]
Its like taste what? Lick who?
That's what Nick do
Got a lot of chicks that love my sick moves
Do what a pimp do, move how a pimp moves
Get a tatoo ma, use my intitals
Now we got issues and rumors to clear up
Sex real loud, next room they can here us
Im lookin for a dime that take the whole 9
Check the sex tapes if you think I'm lyin'
Are you a dime? da..dime?

Its driving me outta my mind (Hey Ladies)
That's why its so hard for me to fo find..(Hey Ladies)

Are you a dime?

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