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Don't Tell Your Parents Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Remember the night when you told me not to leave you lonely
Never leave your side after it's been said and done
We're no longer separate, we've come together to live
And to die for love no matter what comes our way
We're going to live under the moon and the sun
We've come together as one


Don't tell your parents just spend the night
OH, don't you worry, you'll be just fine
I want to go out tonight
You make me feel alive
Cuz the way that you making me feel keeps me up at night

[Verse 2]

All through the night you're with me
You never leave me lonely, you're always by my side
From the first time you touched me
I knew that this was love
I knew that this was bigger than myself
And the whole wide world
It's only you and I
There's nothing new under the moon and sun
It's all been said and done

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