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Early Retirement Lyrics

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verse 1
Im doper than a bobby brown piss test, bitches blow me till they aint got no spit left, do it movin 'cause slow niggaz get left, get left n miss tha game like a sick reff, a quick left and an over hand right, a phat fo fo, some dojiah and a mic, are my weapons of mass destruction, and detectives know not ta ask me nothin, im silent, i might speak tagalog, drink dirty martinis with tha spanish olive. Garlic & cheese on my french bread, swallow it please, when i get head. I'm pimp fed, girls feed me well, never will they let the world see me fail, they bring me mail like im a mailbox, a pimp wit no gators, air force n shelltops.
Verse 2
Back in tha day, i used ta need tha Knocks, posted at tha spot i used ta bleed tha block, servin weed n rocks, off an even hop, neva leavin tha spot, wouldnt even leave fa cock, if i needed some cock, i made a hutch cum through, go deep when she bend ova Hut 1-2, whatcha wan do wit rude boy like me, quick to come through wit crew so hyphy, if she dont like me she must be a lesbo, i get it nightly man thaz ma schedule, dre blutzo, im the quarter back, whatever cost tha most im'ma order that, across tha border strap ma eses come through wit fluff from Peru, i come from a crew of cutthoats bankrobbaz n dopedealerz, iz bizness wit us nigga get out cho feelins, get out cho skrill n live like a king, take tha top off tha heem pop u a thing, i dont buss em in half it leave a nasty taste, i swallow em whole n get tha thizz face, iz laced wit nothin but game, i steal em from niggaz that be cuffin they dame, im fuckin his mayne, while he gettin his grind on, get boss, it cost, get paid when im gone, my tone iz loud sometimes, i scream at a bitch like she a crowd sometimes, tell her a thousand times, hoes go make it happen, iz consequences when she dont make it happen, im tryina find some bitches thats dough paypa havin, only into one thing thaz mo paypa havin, you no paypa havin, niggaz iz bootsie, all at tha function in tha chinamen gucci, tryina get coochie, ya wine n dine chicks, goin for it fallin fa mind trix im tryina find chix that know tha requirements n work towards a pimps Early retirement.

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