Bone Thugs N Harmony

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East 1999

East 1999, my niggas

Thinkin' 'bout back in the days when the year was '89
Little nigga on da grind, gotta get mine doing my crime
Wid two in here, steady stackin' my ends
Puttin' my serve down on the Claire 9-9

Hittin' up the Graveyard Shift wid real
Little Will, Big Wally and Wish Bone
Little Wally, High Rollerz and he wonda why niggas so strong
Krayzie Bone, stack right check much love

Kept ah, nigga on his toes in the game
It's an everyday thang when you let ya nuts hang
Gotta make ya grandas each daily man
Them Cleveland hustlaz neva no bustaz thug to the heart

We niggas from the land fool and the old school
Just serve out ya sentence and be cool
Fuckin' wid Trues rest in peace
My little nigga Ripster stress that Bone love

Smokin' on bud, 'cause, ah nigga Mo Thug
Callin' up my niggas when it's time to nut up
In the 9-9 niggas gon' drop to the number 1 wid ya gun, so run run
Cleveland is the city where ah nigga come from slangin' them
Dum dum dum dums

Niggas, it's going down, up in the C-Town
Get 'em up wid the thug and the nigga wid the bud, got the fifth rose
For the niggas that close hit 'em up wid the forty reasons
Nigga roll up the buddah, smoke it all up nigga

Don't stiff on the reefer, mo runnin' up outta the club wid this
Plus I got hydro and this shit is creeper creeper
Strip as you hear the double glock glock
Widda me rocks cocked sweatin' me bad

Coppers betta drop when the gunshots pop glock top
Hit the body and the bullshit stop
Wheneva them troublin' us, where the po-po niggas roll
Solo split up and swerve, Krayzie take caution

Take out my llelo and tossed it, send 'em in the road to the curb
Running, ducking, jumping up in the land my niggas is crazy
Me slangin' wid nuff 'n me bang on the block
And nigga this daily, who the nigga wid the 12-guage

Mr.Sawed-off Leatherface, so you betta pray
Eternally thugsta, east 1999

Gotta give peace to the S C Ts and the one big thug on the glock
Pump blast fa the cash, then I mashin' wid gas
Gotta dash away from the cops, not lettin' no pause
Steadily flippin' up rows, rippin' up flesh wid six dogs

That's that thugsta, yes I pump slugs
And I be dripping 'em off in thugstas
Fuck them po-po, all ah dem bodies we burn, burn
And I guess that hood'll neva learn

Got it dipped both in hoes and sherm
When I'm on ah mission for my setty
Pick up my niggas be peelin' out wid me
Roll up me, window me, wind blow, fuck up my indo

I'm an enemy, even up the barrels of me 12-guage
I empty, me scan-dalous niggas are pon de loose
But it's no fuckin' wid the family, now feel it nigga, understand me
Much love much bud for them St. Claire thugs

East 1999 is where ya find me
Slangin' them muthafuckin' drugs

Dun, dun, leavin' the niggas to cock it, pop widda me gun
They know that me noddin' they head off and I gots to have me fun
Leaving 'em hung, breakin' fakin', you studio gangsta bitch trick
Niggas'll get beat, I'm handlin' the shit

And I split in the midst of the darkness
Consider me heartless, oh yes, Flesh be runnin' a hoe check
Betta check ya Rolex, ya timed now fa givin' up respect
Ta them S C Ts from C L E the scandalous niggas that dwell

Hell offa the forscythe and bail, leavin' ah, trail, ah, the boody victims
The fifth dog maulin' and maulin' neva them catch me slippin'
As if and if and they find, they may give me time instead, ah, me trippin'
We flippin' the scripts on ova, see the Bone, ah, be neva sober
Niggas told ya triggas showed ya, east 9, 9, 9, 5 soldiers

Wanna run red rum try to run and get away but it's just to late
Watch out buckshots when I come buck buck
Betta guard that fuckin' face, dumpin' them slugs on you fools
Rollin' wid me Trues, drinkin' brews

Don't start no shit, we come equipped, so niggas stay cool
One eighty seven, you think that you going to heaven
Put slugs all up in that chest dunn to hell is where you be dwellin'
Popping ah clip in them bodies me dumpin' watchin' you fall to the pave
Wid me 9, milli pumpin', puttin' dem bodies all off in dem graves

Cleveland is the city where we come from, so run, run, run
Cleveland is the city where we come from, so run, run, run
Cleveland is the city where we come from, so run, run, run
Cleveland is the city where we come from, so run, run, run

East, east, 1990, 99, 9, 9, 9
East, east, 1990, 99, 9, 9, 9
East, east, 1990, 99, 9, 9, 9
East, east, 1990, 99, 9, 9, 9

East, east, 1990, 99, 9, 9, 9
East, east, 1990, 99, 9, 9, 9
East, east, 1990, 99, 9, 9, 9
East, east, 1990, 99, 9, 9, 9

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