Egoist – Departures ~anata Ni Okuru Ai No Uta Lyrics

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Egoist – Departures ~anata Ni Okuru Ai No Uta Submit Correct Lyrics

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mou anata kara aisareru koto mo
hitsuyou to sareru koto mo nai
soshite watashi wa kou shite hitoribocchi de

I no longer need you to love me,
Im no longer necessary for you.
And thus, just like thisIm alone

ano toki anata wa nante itta no?
todokanai kotoba wa chuu wo mau
wakatteru noni kyou mo shiteshimau
kanawanu negai goto wo

What was it that you said back then?
Those words which didnt reach me now dance in the heavens.
Although I know it very well, I continue
to make a wish that will never come true.

gyutto te wo nigitteite
anata to futari tsudzuku to itte
tsunaida sono te wa atatakakute

Dont let go
hold my hand tight
say well continue being together
our held hands used to be so warm
and so tender.

anata wa itsumo sou yatte
watashi wo okorasete saigo ni nakasunda
dakedo ato ni natte
gomen ne tte iu
sono kao suki datta

You were always like that,
making me angry and in the end, making me cry.
But afterwards
you would apologize
I loved your face while doing so.

gyutto sou omoikkiri
anata no ude no naka ni itai
futari de odeko wo awasenagara
nemuru no

Dont let go
hold me with all your might
I want to stay in your arms
I want us to sleep with our foreheads

mou nido to wa aenai tte koto wo shitteta no?

Did you know we would never see each other again?

gyutto anata ga suki
mou ichido datte warattekurenai no
anata no nukumori ga kiechau mae ni

Dont let go
hold tightly, I love you
You will not smile for me ever again
so before your warmth disappears,
hold me in your arms.

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