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Feeling Like Lyrics

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You know, you know
How the story go
You just jumped my style
You just stole my flow
You just seen me out
You gets no hello
And you wonder why?
Man you know, you know

Yeah, and you should let them boys know too
Show them niggas every single thing I showed you
I'm here feeling like 50 back in '02
And everybody saying I'm the man
So true

Yeah, but what does it take to feel secure?
A place with wooden floors
A space to put awards
A couple of parking spots
And maids to do the chores
The cars you always wanted
And women that you adore
Well I got it, I got it
I wonder if I'd be happy without it
I doubt it
I try not to really think about it
I made it but I'm still playing like I'm being scouted till I'm out it

Game time bitch
I hope your proud of us
King James shit
Watch me throw the powder up
This old G got my whole suite clouded up
And I bet you I be outta time before I'm outta luck
They ain't rooting for me
They ain't clapping for me
I'm only saying iwhy can't someone be happy for me?
I really hate to say I told you so
So I bite my tongue
But you know, you know

This is hard right

Please make your long story shorter
Cos time is at the essence for the king of first quarter
Numbers do the talking
I have nothing for reporters
I just hope we get these flights and don't get held up at the border
Yeah, so you can spare me all the alcalays
I'm the real reason you can find my city on an atlas page
Half a million dollars later and my tax is paid
And I'm still spitting money from my active days
Damn, life is such a lovely thing
Feel the perks that a 7 digit budget bring
Tell your girlfriend that I could pull some fucking strings
So at courtside when I'm wrong get a fucking ring
Yeah, I bet I'll be there, I'll be there
You see that 62 sitting outside
That's me there
I'm jumping to the time that's my leap year
Putting in that overtime
I never said it'd be fair
I'm always left wishing that I could of done it in person
My apologies to all of the ones I was hurting
I got new girls but none of their love is for certain
I call old girls but none of their numbers are working
Damn, what happened to us?
Life can always change
You have to adjust
How come when I gotta carter you stare at me in disgust?
I say it's just to have fun
You should see that as a plus
Especially when I come flying through the door
I can't ignore
The paparazzi outside trying to record
Why's every woman never down here before?
Am I the only 23 year old, why can't I soar?
The rough child, the crews, the guy thats in the open seats
It's always nice when your out with someone who notices
A condo, got that art gallery openings
I'm just hoping that isn't what my hoping is
They ain't rooting for me
They ain't clapping for me
I'm only saying why can't someone just be happy for me?
I really hate to say I told you so
So I bite my tongue
But you know, you know

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