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Fire And Brimstone

Broken dreams, hell together with glue
I got to keep on trying till that they come true
I know that all my life I've been tired and blue
But still I keep on fighting, I got too many things left to do

See my brother told me so, you'll be the greatest man
alive when I'm off
So there's music in my bones in my heart and in my soul
And till I'm through and God takes me home
Everything that comes out of my trombone
Fire and brimstone, Fire and brimstone
Fire and brimstone, Fire and brimstone

Shot guns blast, you hear it ring so loud
Follow bout the sirens happens all year round
keep on surviving, they keep bring us down
Im just trying to stay alive and pick my feet up off the ground
Well it's like it's raining, raining, everyday
We can't waiting, waiting for the world to change


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