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Forces To Fight Lyrics

feat. Asu, Omar & K-Mont

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Krayzie Bone-(Asu)-
Keep it real/ Keep it real... (ThugLine. You know what it is.)
We the assasin... (Krayzie Bone...)
Comin' to slay, watch em fall when the gun, gun blast (Dj Khaled, Miamis finest)... (Asu, K Mont, Omar)

Only speak when spoken to or get your shit broken through from tendon to gristle
What Im sendin' is official like a brand, I dont suggest, I command
Anything less than demand aint even a mouse cause even a mousell die for cheese (Some of yall scared to die, period)
Droppin' degrees, only thing with me to gain is a loss, on parole like a Boss
Got more D then the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force
Now Im a say it once; Fronts bloody and backs get muddy
Jermaine Dupri that ass (Yeah, yeah, yeah) leave your body swollen and a little puffy

-K Mont-
Hey yo, sometimes we wyle out when we party we break night
Aint no unity in my community so we forcin to fight
Cause the fo fo desert eagle will put that ass in a herse
Since I hooked up with Leathaface, you know the hatin just got worse
We make money all year around, we bring the heat like the summer
While yall niggas be gettin murdered with guns without serial numbers
So tell me, who is the real enemy; Is it you or the police?
We gon continue to go to war and pour out liquor for the deceased

My niggas is forced to fight, forced to pull they guns out (C'mon)
at full might cause we went from thousand-aires to millionaires overnight (Whoa)
I see a billion dollars in my forecast, I observe
While you only see rain and clouds in yours?
Make you wanna go and get yours, make you wanna squeeze yours
Well get at me, son
I make sure you get yours
See they used to call me Scrappy Scrap cause I scrapped a lot
Now they call me Clappy Clap Clap cause I clap a lot

-Krayzie Bone-
I dont give a fuck if its the cops, niggas up on the block, we know how you niggas plot
When I cock my seventeen shot all that talk-talk gon stop, watch (Pop! Pop! Pop...)
You hate me now while I make my money, Ill be back to deal with that later and Im gon slay ya
simply cause you played me like a busta so Im gon fade you
Ever since I was seven, nigga showed love to them streets, shonuff
Ran with niggas, Mo! Thug, Mo! Thug
When I walk the streets, I keep my hand on my ball' and Im not just holdin my nuts Im tryin' to keep this pistol from fallin' fallin'
We cant stop the fire, fire...cause we aint start the fire, fire, fire...

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