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Lil' Kim
Freestyle Lyrics

Check it out, the Queen Bee
That's me, my man Flex, he's up next
Yeah, check it out, hey, yo Flex
There's a lot of mufuckers out here

That wanna be like us, real bad
But we got to show them who's on top
Nuh mean? Uh, check it out, uh
Fellow bitches, adapt to any rebel wishes

Check it out, the Queen Bee
Lil' Kim, yeah, that's right
Lil' Kim in the house, check it out
Wit my man, Flex, uh

Sometime a gal can get couth, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
Ain't that the truth?
Frontin' like they bulletproof
And those with no couth

Get thrown off the roof, like Bishop with the Juice
Partnah, let your noose lose
Bitches got the audacity
Tryin' to say they gettin' cash like me, get ass like me

You couldn't be as classy as me
Even if you roll a Eva curtain
And diamonds on the surface, it just defeats the purpose
Hoe, I'm a double bitch
I lick dicks sometimes for the hell of it

Who stack chips like computers never celibate
Stash weed in Bermuda
Look around, look around, the room's empty
So, I guess that be me
The Queen B, Double E

I keep my foes close, like I used to chop my hoes close
But this cat named Gicanno's
Who used to call me Bag Lady
'Cause if you lick me, from my index finger to the thumb
It shouldn't stay numb

See, I live this life, you wish this life
Dream this life, of royals
Motherfuckers got you gas motor spoiled
So, what you gonna do when you run out of oil?
Crumble like the foil

This goes out to you, sealed with a kiss, the Queenuesche
Uh, yeah, check it out
Me and my man, Flex, we just doin' this shit
That's why I'm up next, you know what I'm sayin'?
We been there


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