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Fuck Bow Wow Lyrics

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fuck dat nigga bow wow
he a bitch, foreal

aye bow wow
do me a favor yu bitch
say goodbye to yur career yu pussy
yu short fuck
ya know yu done fucked up right
i said yu know yu done fucked up right
yu bitch ass nigga

fuck bow wow
fuck em
fuck bow wow
fuck em
fuck bow wow
old bitch ass nigga
old bitch ass nigga
old bitch ass nigga

man lil bow wow wat the fuck was you thinkin
you know damn well you aint go on no bankhead
you gay as fuck bro, your sweeter den a lemanade
L.B.W. stands for lil bitch woman gang, minute man
wrist up, up on me, but bow wow gay ass aint got shit
up on me, i wish one of you lame ass would run up on me
but chad moss you better be protected by the army, PUSSY

fuck bow wow
fuck em
fuck bow wow
fuck em
fuck bow wow
old bitch ass nigga
old bitch ass nigga
old bitch ass nigga

bow wow you dissin me you stupid bitch man you know me dog
i heared you got fucked in da ass by omarion, and your bodygard
bitch stop actin hard,cuz we dont beleive you
you need more ppl,new jack city part 2 is gonna flip flop
you forever gonna be the gerry coleman of hip hop
chad hary moss, you stupid ass bitch
super head of ciara aint it
and angala said you had a lil dick

fuck bow wow
fuck em
fuck bow wow
fuck em
fuck bow wow
ol bitch ass nigga
ol bitch ass nigga
ol bitch ass nigga

aye real talk man
dis dude crew is called L.B.W. gang
wat kinda nigga calls his click lil bow wow gang
dats gay as fuck at for one
for two, he wanna bring arab in dis sitionation
nigga,were tha fuck your bestfriend at?
dat fat lil bitch deion
dat nigga stole all your money
you sent him to jail
you press charges on dat nigga
you gay nigga
you a snitch nigga
how you gonna send your bestfriend to jail nigga
ya you didnt want dat out der did cha
faggot ass nigga
who da fuck kinda nigga got prince-O-town tattooed on his chest
ohio is a state you stupid bitch
nigga wen you was like 13 didnt you get raped by your bodygarud
nigga you was born in raimsonburg, aint from columbus bitch
faggot ass nigga
you aint never gonna grow past 5 feet PUSSY
nigga you gay as fuck nigga
fuck a black card nigga you spray painted dat shit nigga
dats a pay-pal card nigga
aint got no money on dat shit
quit lyin nigga
ridin in dat rented ass lamboghini nigga
you better not pull dat shit out in atlanta no more
we gonna blow dat shit up..911 on dat muthafucka
you a bitch nigga
you never lived a regular life nigga
yous a pussy nigga
if you go broke you finna kill your self
im from da hood.. i know how it is to be broke
you gay as fuck nigga
pussy ass nigga you let chris brown be da headline of your tour
you backstage throwin xboxs on da grond
spittin on ppl you bitch
back there hatin on dat man
nigga quit hatin nigga

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