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Fuck The Police Lyrics

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[Lil Boosie:]

They took Venelle when I wuz 12,
turned me against it
sent me to my first funeral now im a victim[of the law]
My daddy called em pigs
I'll never forget
He went to jail on Holland Road, for tryn to piss
Hit my auntie Trina door, lookin for my cousin
Looked at me cross da street and said "Boy you ugly"
Mane 11 was my first run in wit them bustuz
Then Stoopid roughed me up cuz I told em muthafucka
Got older it got worse my hustle got deadly
Runnin and duckin from that dirty bitch Don Kelly
All thru school u can catch me wit my tool
Smashin in my magnum from the red white n blue
They ask me for money
Tryna bribe me and all
They let the dogs eat me up all by my fuckin nuts
Don't give a fuck nigga, freedom from jail
I want all u dirty bitches to rot in hell

Fuck 'em
Fuck em
Fuck em
Fuck em
We don't need you bitches on our street
Say wit me
Fuck the police, fuck the police
[x2] Without that badge you a Bitch and a half
Fuck the police, fuck the police


Come search this Bitch
Cuz I don't do weight
Cuz im too straight
And y'all lil bitches a lil too late
Cuff me up in front my kids
I look em all in they faces
Walk me out like im a killer, scared the fuck out my neighbors
So they all put a pen and paper on the table and told me
"give us the names and you can leave this bitch"
I cant believe this shit
What in the hell?!
If that's my only way out then nigga show me my cell
Look, tell niggaz stop
I'll sit here till I rot
For all that, I could've been a bitch-ass cop
Yeah boo, I got got they hit me for a few thou
But you dirty bitches I'm ballin and I aint missin 'at all
Soon as I got back to the house I went and opened a pound
Counted out 700, so much shit aint get found
And I know the police listen and I'm telling you now
You can never hold a Trill nigga down
Nigga fuck you


[Lil Boosie:]

This shit'll never stop
Keep it real ya'll
We need to do like Cali niggaz, and kill cops
Stoopid you stupid
I hope you rot in hell
Ya chose me you chose trill and won't be in ell
Wonder why I look at yo ass under eye
I get a billion ima hit you bitches from the sky
You gon' be dead just like Ivy, a tear drop
You feds cities I wont all you bitches killed now(booya)
Yeah we used to run that dope
You already know
Served them birds
17 a batch a coke
Took my Beamer I'll neva forget
Not enough money in the bank and they can take yo shit?
They went to Webbie house the other day(dirty muthafuckaz)
Took a $100,000 away
They sin they don't protect shit
Sincerely yours, Mister BadAzz
suck my dick and die quick,bitch


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