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Geekin' (Audio) (Explicit)

Get my geek on, get my, get my geek on [3x]
Get my geek on, get my, get my geek geek
Here we go, here we, here we go [4x]

[Verse 1]
Hey, Im on that geek geek
Freaking technology technique
Yeah, I flow tight never leak,
Im the future with a bunch of antique
I make Google money, thats a lot of clicks
So tell me who the dummy and who's the genius ?
Yeah, thats why you buy it, use it, use it at it
I thought it up and you bought it
I bought cause Im technologic
Oh, yep, I might it have called
He wasnt one but he wasnt old
Oze, triple ones, he was an oz
Oz, yo, Im ice cold
I am too cool, I am new school
I am plus pic, let me take a flick booth
Hey yall, Im the fucking nerd
Im about to ball real big, Mark Zuckerberg
You know the nerd is a perp, what you heard ?
Aint need to follow, but lead up, tweety bird


[Verse 2]
Hey, I roll with gangsta geeks
We write code like Dr Dre been making Beats
He made an app that a got billion users in a week
We bought a boat, four hundred eighty feet
Im so dope, baby, Im a shit geek
But ladies know, thats why they send me tweet tweets
I let them know that I be on my B.I.Z.
Pimping technology, thats what I be
Flossin, Willy on the cover of Fortune
Five double 0, sending flows to martians
Gold digger pros got me taking precaution
Cause they just want my dope #extortion
But I dont go for that, yall know my style
I wrote an app for that, call trick-it-out
Im so pay, my friends call me pay pal
I make a lot of chips, now they call me Intel


[Verse 3]
I had a dream and then the dream came true
I bought a boat and I bought a private plane too
I bought a space ship to go to outer space too
And all I had to do is get the ace in school
Check me out, Im a, Im an engineer
A mathematician, technician and a visioneer
A scientist, the motherfucking nerd
The rebirth, the clue, fuck what you heard

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