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Give It Up Lyrics

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Neww boyzzz
Strangers (x3)
Go (x4)
Give it up for (x2)
Go (x4)
Give it up for (x2)

Ben J

Okay little homies tryna' diss and I don't know why, so I'm have to let them know who these little niggas owned by. You dance to my song like a little cheerleader, now you want to be a rapper but that don't work neither, you dissed me and none of yall dudes really know me (Woke up the beef and that nigga was the homie) Getting on these dudes when I'm not in the mood, the jerk shoes you wear look like space jam shoes, clowns, why do little niggas always flip, Corey on the other hand look just like the Grinch who stole Christmas, make that clear I own time, Day day look like one of the characters from good times, good men say "If you want to talk do it silent" There's nothing you can tell my damn fans to stop liking me or writing me they kill for me I will put you out of your misery yall mentally unstable my nigga like kids you see.


(Meet me on youtube) Damn that's rare
(They wear the same clothes) Well at least they share.
(What's their name again?) Man eff it who cares, yall give it up for Julian and the strangers.

Give it up for(strangers) (x8)

Tell your girlfriend I don't want no pics but her brain on point, you don't want no kiss. The PMS and powerangers throwing dumb ol' fits, just because we ain't bring yall on 106. All your number one dimes can't wait to see me, sat on her head more times then Langstons beanie. Said she left Julian cause his bite games whack, only bitch he got wet was his mermaid tat. Then yall wrote Soulja boy like everythings cool, why yall on that niggas dick man he dissed yall to. Got a little fan base need to pray for some more, Dudes I perform for pay while yall pay to perform. Your managers a square and I'm the first to say it, if the coach cares then why yall ain't in the game yet? Besides young third none of yall flow phased me, and I swore I saw Day day on the commercial for Haiti, that's a low blow something like your girlfriend do. While when ceejay left all yalls fans did to, we already in the building yall just knock on doors and we don't need to jerk that's what we got yall for.

( Now keep it up )
Now give it up for (strangers) (x8)

Ben J
Spotlight you think your all that, aye what about Langston trying to go to the power 106 games acting like your the new boyz and shit, The only thing your doing is acting like them other fake boys trying to get the attention and then who else we got over there and shit, aye Day Day all you see is night night because as soon as ben j knocks you out your gonna' fucking hit the ground and go night night. Who else we got, Julian you went to go see avatar and you thought it was the last air bender, who else I got, Cliff Savage I don't give a fuck you're a cool ass dude so I'll leave you alone. Um let me see what else we got, Corey I thought you came out of fucking good times back in 77 like Jimmy Walker.


Aye yo yall niggas is lame for that for real fam, like we had yall niggas back from day one, bro we put yall in, we put yall in like two three of our music videos my nigga, like when ever we would do radio interviews they'd be like "what's popping out there in cali right now you know with the whole jerk movement" We'd be like "The rangers" we plugged yall niggas in, you feel me I bought like, I bought literally like ten copies of yall album my nigga like real talk bro, we had yalls backs cause yall was the little homies the little like respect your elders bro, come on fam, it's whatever though, I'm not tripping on these little niggas, Shout out to jinc, What would you do if you could step to me and my crew, yall niggas got murdered, New boyz up, WE OUT.

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