Gold Soundz

Go back to those gold soundz and keep my advent to yourself
Because it's nothing I don't like is it a crisis or a boring change?
When it's central, so essential it has a nice ring when you laugh
At the low life opinions and they're coming to the chorus now

I keep my address to yourself 'cause we need secrets
We need secrets crets crets crets crets back right now

Because I never wanna make you feel that you're social
Never ignorant soul believe in what you wanna do
And do you think that is a major flaw when they rise up in the falling rain
And if you stay around with your knuckles ground down
The trial's over, weapon's found

Keep my address to myself because it's secret
Because it's secret cret cret cret cret cret cret cret
Cret cret cret cret cret back right now

So drunk in the August sun and you're the kind of girl I like
Because you're empty and I'm empty
And you can never quarantine the past
Did you remember in December that I won't eat you when I'm gone

And if I go there, I won't stay there because I'm sitting here too long
I've been sitting here too long and I've been wasted
Advocating that word for the last word
Last words come up all you've got to waste

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