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Grandma Says [Skit] Lyrics

"Grandma Says [Skit]" was written by J Foster;teron Beal;j Davi;derrick Thompson.
"Grandma Says [Skit]" was written by J Foster;teron Beal;j Davi;derrick Thompson.

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{Okay, welcome back
An' welcome to the shopper's network
If you've just tuned in, you missed a}

"Mya baby, where you think you goin' in them clothes looking like that?"
"Grandma, I'm just goin' to a party"
"You and them parties, I'm just tired of them parties"
"I'm just tryin' to have fun, oh uh"
"Look I'm tellin' you somethin' you need to settle down"
"You need to find you a man and get married"
"I am to young for all that"
"Look I'ma tellin' you somethin'"
"Ah, amm"
"Grandma, listen to grandma"
"Grandma want some babies around here"
"We want you to be out and see everybody pick them little"
"Ahh, oh no"
"Babies up and hug them and tell them how happy I am"
"Get you an edumacation"
"That's what you need, an edumacation baby"
"Aaa mmm"
"You need to get you a B.A.B. degree or somethin' like that"
"That's what you need"
"I didn't go to college an' I'm tryin' to help you"
"Amm hmm"
"Sittin' there hangin' out with them people"
"Sittin' there smokin' all that chronic"
"Oh, that's nothin'"
"And drinkin' those forties and stuff you, you, you"
"Hold up y'all I'm comin' alright"
"You ain't no snoop doggy dog, baby"
"Hold up I'm comin'"

J Foster;Teron Beal;J Davi;Derrick Thompson

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