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Guns High Lyrics

feat. Rock City

from DJ Khaled Presents Ace Hood Gutta

"Guns High" is track #4 on the album DJ Khaled Presents Ace Hood Gutta.
"Guns High" is track #4 on the album DJ Khaled Presents Ace Hood Gutta.

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[Chorus - R. City]
We come from a city where the young die
So why don't we get to use and put'cha guns high
About to lose that's the reason why we must try
The streets hot from the night till the sunrise
Ooooh wahoooo, ooooh (And this is what it sounds like)
Ooooh wahoooo, ooooh (Came up from the ground like)

[Verse 1 - Ace Hood]
Pummy yummy yummy, mom addicted to money
Grab a clip of them hundreds, and half a ounce of that scummy
Ready to hit the block try to seek them coming for that tummy
If I don't make it home tell my momma to pray for me
I'ma get it because I got it, came up from the bottom
Pussy nigga get shot up, so shut up and give me profit
Niggas they want me dead and I swear that there ain't no stopping
I'ma go out and get it, just watch me pop off your socket
Play the eighth for you haters, they see me on corner trapping
We the Best that's the lesson I'll take you pussies to college
Imagine me I'm gutta, now be the best it's of Heaven
I swear that till I perish I keep these pussies in panic whaa


[Verse 2 - Ace Hood]
Now watch me move through the city, gutta be my religion
Only vision to get it is take it without a witness
They say they want me dead and it's fuck them that's my decision
(Fuck them) Fuck them with middle fingers
Them pumps in the penitentiary, walk the block with this energy
Give a mug at my enemies, tell them who they 'posed to be
Hang them up like a poster be, play them like Monopoly
Till the end of my time I be G-U-T-T-A, Mister H-Double-O-D the prodigy
Tell them they can follow me, only cabbage and celery
Getting money heavily, smoking up on that broccoli
Ain't no vegetarians, play with me and you burger meat
Better have a pass to hit my streets with the currency, nigguh


[Verse 3 - R. City]
Live from the ghetto we be re-e-al
People only recognize the re-e-al
Cops hate because we dont sque-e-l
But we don't give a fuck about how they fee-e-l
See ain't nobody stopping with, tell them fosie back oh with
(Incomprehensible) What them blockers say
Let them know we do not play
Taking over soon some day, (Incomprehensible)

[Chorus X2]

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