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Gunz N' Butta Lyrics

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I hear you; you know the problem wit you little niggas? You think you know everything about the damn world and you dont know shit. I see you got yourself a little business going well thats good, thats good you make that paper but when you makin paper you gotta learn some rules to go wit it. You gotta learn the difference between Gunz and Butta. There are two types of niggas in this world, Niggas wit Gunz and Niggas wit Butta. Now what are the Gunz? The gunz thats the real estate, thats stocks and bonds, art work you know shit that appreciates with value. Whats the Butta? Cars, clothes, jewelry all that other bullshit that dont mean shit after you buy it thats what its all about Gunz and Butta
Vado Verse:
Belly I foreva play like my bosses resume
Im the best man wit that girl in white like a wedding day [VADO]
I dont hesitate 32 of this levitate 2 clips spittin I go more rounds then a feather weight
You know the name nigga, street life intelligence money is everything nigga
All this dro wit no color ya'll paintin plain pictures
And every flick Im fly like a plane picture
sittin wit dame, killa at round tables
tellin me Im the next nigga uptown able
To be the one boo-tongue showin the brown label
Bet, its goin down and that Interscope is the found label
Rollie date just but the face done
find slidin in the same harlem bitches that mase fucked (and) that cam fucked (and) main fucked (and) that man fucked Harlem nigga I man up hardest nigga to stand up (slime at) son of mark
Too many niggas is askin bout him they want a job
Remember wearing Zion bar from bob aliar
In the streets they see me like V
I fucks wit all, this that cant fucka cant fuck'em
Bring Thunder wit me trey-five on me Durant's numba
Tan butta seat hot wit the grams unda, man hunta till the day they free my man gutta!
Camron Talking:
See you know what the problem is? Youre too slow to go, your too overwhelmed to understand and your too tight to get loose No Homo but I found out hate is extra baggage so I just carry on.
Camron Verse:
Stoops I done sat in those, Coups I done crashed in those
Money, Cash, Hoes bastard till the casket close I dont hustle for props its a passion ho
Make deposits, my closets a fashion show
Im due allah you aint muslim you gassin bro, you aint eatin so you tell them that you fasten yo
Sixteen round oozy clip remove a bitch like Ludacris, excuse miss pardon im busy reading movie scripts
Spike Lee intent, yeah its me again
Skeet ya girl, beat her friend tell them till we meet again
Lane surva slash gat squirta
This (idk) vs fat burger
This is loitering against a mass murder
This a ponzi scam vs a cat burglar
Crack server vs a kingpin
I got what you want you want it bring ten
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