Dierks Bentley

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Heart Of A Lonely Girl (Live on Letterman)

Twenty-seven days I\'ve been out on the roadrnI\'m a nervous wreck, I gotta get back homernThere\'s a young bride waiting for me all alonernLord how she misses mernrnI can see her sitting in her kitchen chairrnin her cotton dress with her long black hairrnBut a woman ain\'t pretty if a man ain\'t therernlike I can\'t afford to bernrn(chorus)rnIt\'s a shame, it\'s a shamernshe won\'t be the one to blamernOh the hurtinest thing in the whole wide worldrnis the heart of a lonely girlrnrnLike a red tail fox to a blue tick houndrnshe\'s the hottest thing for miles aroundrnAll them other boys in our hometownrngot tricks hid up their sleevesrnrnNow it ain\'t her that I don\'t trustrnShe\'s pretty and pure as diamond dustrnBut lonesome is as lonesome doesrnShe can\'t help what she needsrnrn(chorus)rnrnThe heart of a lonely girl, the heart of a lonely girlrnIt\'s the hurtinest thing in the whole wide worldrnThe heart of a lonely girlrnrnDaddy was a rambler just like mernI guess the apple don\'t fall too far from the treernWhen I ask why mama had to go that dayrnWell he don\'t know and she won\'t sayrnrn(chorus x2) rnrnYeah the hurtinest thing in the whole wide worldrnis the heart of a lonely girl

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