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Heat Up Freestyle Lyrics

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When I come thru there sweatin,
like lee Evans
and when I drop bars yeah the question beckons
am I comin for that number1 slot
or will I come second
of course I wont my styles lethal just like weapons
I know what I know don't care what u reckon
I want more doe than David Beckham
my boys blaze zoots
and beers we neck em off
So you can suck out
cuz I spit bars on the mike then I duck out
and if I'm in the place then get the fuck out
you come across me blood your lucks out yeah
and no I'm jus not givin up
na I don't give a fuck
yeah I'm gunna live it up
so bring your boys an ill hit em up
now pass me the mike
let me rip it up yeah
and you cant get drastic
everybody knows that your fake and your plastic
so please don't come with that wack shit
sound boy I think you need a new tactic
I'm Devlin yeah I smash it
you'll be getting dashed in the back of the transit
cuz I've had enough of your antics
your not a war boy
na you're a prang bitch
and you don't bang clips
your gay now you don't bang chicks
ok now were gunna make chips
I've had enough of these little fake pricks yeah
and were lunatics so bring your boys
and we'll slew the pricks
got more style than ludicrous
ill merck your crew I'm not new to this
Spray like a magnum
the worlds deadliest handgun
I've been around son
I'm the quiet type I'm not a loud one
but if I feel blows I'm a loud one
and I spray like a mac
fast repeatin an black
automatic an that
ill make your body movement erratic and that
I'm more ill than an asthmatic on crack
and I shoot like a shotty
spit bars to your body
blood I'm not shoddy
my styles fat like blobby
ill leave your body curled up in the lobby
believe that's my hobby
shoot like a tech
war man will blaze in the neck
we bun them hot bars to the neck
shoot like a tech
war man will blaze in the neck
we bun them hot bars to the neck yeah
you cant play the hero
this is cape fear
and yeah I'm De Nero
you must have wax in your ear hole
told you not to spray with this weirdo
I'm weird because I spit the real shit
stuff you can feel shit
not about the steal clips
who says crime never pays
crime kings bling with rings round my ways
what they know about all night party's
blazin green at 7 in the morning
with hardly no snout in the zoot
and smoking kills but fuck the warnin
wakin up at 8 pm
getting ready then doin it again
drinkin bears blazin peng
scanckin out till 10am

bring your boys I'm havin em hung
Devlin yeah I'm that Dagenham scum
simmy and fats there blazin the zoots
with Joe French and the rest of the crew
the smoke goes through the stairs in the tower
willsey has to reload every hour
Dagenham streets cold and sour
if the girls butters don't allow her na
jus draw that protection
roll that shit back down you erection
and your girls not terry she's ows
and sound boy your not havin 1 segment
on this microphone I sense tension
your styles long like your girls extensions
so here's a suggestion
shut your boat less I ask you a question
I've got more than the tools of the trade
and I want rings with jewels and jus bade
and I wanna go Spain in the pool with the babes
sip drinks in the cool and the shade
so I'm gunna start schoolin their face
let em know that its wrong to be foolin your mates
I don't care if you rule in your gates
cuz ill smash a tool in your face
and sound boy your small in this race
your just a beginner blood I'm a winner
and I'm hungry for papes
want them for breakfast brunch lunch and dinner
and I'm a joker like frank skinner
but if I switch then ill turn to a killer
I'm devastate boy iller for realer
I'm the white beast ill be no gorilla
they say I ent got what it takes
but I spit real though not like the fakes
I'm on plot not leavin a trace
I spit hot bring heat in the place
yeah I'm young and I've made some mistakes
but I guess its all trial and error
I'm devastation now is my error
so I'm gunna open my file of terror
now its gunna rain ash from the heavens
face kicked back while I start the massacre
in the drivin seat I'm no passenger
confidential like Kim Bassenger
yeah and ill be merck and harrasin ya
cuz you ent ready for my minions
low the short change gunna make the millions
low the millions after the trillions
no I didn't have a good home life
concentratin on me take a look at your own life
I've gotta flow right
devastate white boy I'm my own type
yeah believe that I'm my own fuckin person
mc's I will merck em
its my time best role back the curtain
you can tell your boys that ill burn em
ill put a hammer in their sternum
and these swag might men
I've gotta teach and learn em
and if you want war ill merck your crew
like England mercked the Germans
yeah and you can tell your boys
ill kidnap pimp and sell your boys
cuz you ent nothing but fakes and snakes
see you on the rode wont give I just take.

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