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Hip-Hop Drunkies Freestyle Lyrics

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Round 1
What dont yall get off of my dick, I got an album to do
I spit a punch line now you wont get til 2002
I know your type, get wild with a crew
And get found powdery blue, you cant be proud to be you
I get love like a child with a flu, you dont want to battle me
The response from the crowdll be Ouuu
Dont matter if you my age or old as my pops
I got something for new beef that come straight out the box
Its nothing to bag your bitch, have her holding my cock
Doing laundry half naked folding my socks
I know niggaz that I grew up with, that roll with the cops
And got found beat the fuck up, swollen with knots
Brother fucking up in school so I told him to stop
Cause if the coach see your grades he aint holding your spot
I got plans to leave my neck and hands frozen with rocks
So every bitch watch when I pose on the block
When my flow hit the top, its the rose or the drop
Bring the weed and speeding on the road with the wop
Play hot boy and get a cold winter chop
Come back quarter roll hole in your top
The hoe love the way I put her toes in a knot
Blows in her spot, middle finger rows your block
They say Im to smart to rhyme
So niggaz want me in that newest spring wear
Called chalk design
I love vanilla to the chocolate kinds
So I dont show up at parades, unless its for the march of dimes

Round 2
If words could kill, Id probably average a body a bar
Beef I put air holes in the side of your car
Dro come with smiley faces on the side of jar
Blades put smiley faces on the side of your jaw
Im sick of the law, gamble throw trips on the floor
Fuck a tour, I send you on a trip to the floor
Im like friends that borrow clothes,
Quicker to draw, dipped in velour
Since a kid shoplift in the store
You shouldve listened before, something hot slipped in the door
Name Banks, hard dicking your whore
Im too much for one borough, yall can all get a piece of Lloyd
Beefll show up on your porch like pizza boys
Teachers gave me Fs so I gave the teachers noise
Who ever thought a drop outd be on the beach with toys
I got four arms, two for fighting
One for fucking, my other onell have you ducking

Round 3
I know why you mad, somebody told I was hot didnt they
Well cover your nose I got a whole lot of shit to say
You sound like me, spit it in a different way
You aint write no hits, nigga put your wrist away
Every time you see me, Im looking like its picture day
Im athletic, I dip dive, shit for the spray
Im the best no surprise, buts, if, or mays
I put DNA all up in your bitches braids
How you eating when you skinny like you sick with AIDS
Beating me will never happen like nick parades
While you inhaling nickel bags, Im blowing out a fifth of haze
Im a be around when the forget the Jays
No free-bes, now you gotta pay me bucks
I turn niggaz like you, into baby butts
And I aint DJ, but I give you eighty cuts
Nigga Im a grown ass man go battle lady luck

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