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Hood Ratz Lyrics

"Hood Ratz" was written by Eskridge, Ralph Larry/murph, Randolph/johnson, Clarence/tyler, Aaron Pka Mc Eiht/steele, Nick.
"Hood Ratz" was written by Eskridge, Ralph Larry/murph, Randolph/johnson, Clarence/tyler, Aaron Pka Mc Eiht/steele, Nick.

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Sendin this one right here
To all the girls out there that get down like they live
Fuck it
Roll with the hoo-bangers
You like the way I get down like yall live
Check it out

Ya'll know the bitch
I need, nuthin but cash and weed
Out of town trips, slips my cash with speed

Dont get it twisted, no captain
But Im cappin and duckin
While a hoe hides me out and Im steadily fuckin
Doin' your thang

While I teach you how to hop on planes
Get this cream from this fool with the country name
Same day you get back, my bankroll stack
As a matter of fact, you know I like that

Sticky bitches have niggas straight spendin they dough
Ya know cash runs everything around a hoe
Greedy as fuck, a chicken tryin to scheme on chickens
Greedy as fuck, to pay the bitch, she keep on lickin

I love the hoe
Shes out to get my paper fo sho
Anytime and place she ready to go

Love scratch
No pigeon in the world could match
Simple as fuck
Hood rats aint hard to catch

Hood rats
We lovin em hos, we lovin em hos
Cmon, geah
Sing with me
Cmon geah

Sneaky 'cause she wanna just fuck for ends
Fuck and spend, fuck, run tell yo friends
All of ya'll do their fuckin shit
All your homegirl, bitch, who you fuckin with
Gossip you spit

Put each other up on game
On which niggas got chips, routines the same
Shakin that ass with the jiggle and twitch
In the club bustin, knowin Ima want that bitch
You aint seein a nigga ghetto rich

Ghetto fab, ghetto star
Hop off stage, [unverified] bless thou [unverified]
No questions asked, thats the role you play
You hit me up on Monday
Fuck the bitch anyway

It aint nuthin
And leave suckas say, The bitch good for somethin'
Anywhere, any day, any hour
In front of anybody, in the shower

Hood rats
Im lovin em hos, Im lovin em hos
Geah ya know how it goes
Hood rats
Geah, check me out

Is she or she not the top notch?
Watch the peddle pushers and rocks in a [unverified]
How she cop, bitch flips, trips, no sleepin'
Back to the club where she strips on a weekend

You know what Im speakin shes out to get yo bread
[Unverified] up, choke up, showin' some leg
Get down like you live and get down on a dime
You bring yo home girl, thats fine

Who is better?
I got the chedder ready to spend
With a video tape so I can record the date
Fuckin with Eiht its all good
Now back that ass up like you know you should

Know the game alive, toss chips
Watch you get down and start movin the crowd
Geah, say it loud
Hoo-bangers, we get down on that shit, you know


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