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Stroke 9
How Am I Gonna Know Lyrics

I keep going over what I said
How your eyes disguise your mouth
The most incredible blood red
But there's nothing coming out

There's just empty stares instead
And I don't know what it's about
Thanks to all your silence

How am I gonna know if you want talk to me
How am I gonna show you what you got if you won't look at me
Now I know this ain't what it's suppose to be
How am I gonna know if you want talk to me

I used to hang on every word that you never said
But it never occurred it was only in my head
The only voice I heard was mine saying everything is fine
It was hypnotizing

It's not fair to leave me here when I'm this wasted
It's not fair, no, no, I guess you were never there

John Francis Mc Dermott;Eric Laird Stock;Greg Gerald Gueldner;Luke Esterkyn;Bradley Walker

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