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How We Do It In The A Lyrics

feat. Ludacris

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(Luda) A-town connection..
Lloyd, Luda (check) turn it up make it knock, East, West, North, South, beat'n on down ya block (2x)

Verse 1:
(Lloyd)1st off let me mention i been miss'n, but im back on da sceen, A-town in da buliding you can feel it cuz da swagga is mean, we da 1'z dat made ya snap ya fingerz and get on da floor, and now da king is back and im'a sho you how it goez

If ya gurlz get down on da floor, betcha i can make lil' mama get (low) you see im here, we got dat game and anything else is gotta go, we pop'n bottlez, got dem modelz, make'n it rain up in da club and no diz aint no game datz juz how we do it in da A..

yea i kno you miss it, so im'a make you feel it, thur aint no otha way, datz juz how we do it in da A, get wild, get crunk, get low, ery'body get on da floor(O ma ima make you say) datz jus how we do it in da A

Verse 2:
I hit da club itz 3am(so time to get it started) no disrespect lil' mama im tipsy from dat otha party, for all ya hataz on me, O make ya'self a drink wen u get diz here, im'a make it clear ma level cant be reached


Ludas Rap:
Diz iz juz how we do it, diz iz juz how it go, diz iz juz how we slip off da bed and move it on down to da floor , O Ludaz a beast Luda get to it and put em' to sleep, Luda got millionz of dollarz sold millionz of recordz and Luda still be in da streetz, heat got all ova da beat, 1 thousand threadz all ova ma sheetz (count it) haterz get mad at da boi cuz dey make in dey lyfe wha i make in a week (count it) ATL, country as hell, strapped every part of da day, itz 22 women to ery1 man, and datz how we do in da A!


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