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Howard Stern Lyrics

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I'm like Howard Stern, devour you verbally
Like a powerful attorney leave a coward burn internally
King of All Media, whip my dick out and piss on you
Wicked when I kick it
Look me up on Wikipedia

Chorus x2

My weiner's got an itch for a snobby bitch
Something only an Angelina blowjob can fix
She got the lips made for slobbing dicks
Brad Pitt got it made
Make her eat shit off a plate
Then chop her clit off and earn some Bobbitt shit

Titallating Kate Middleton
Rumor is she got a tumor make her gimmie brains
For a little Ritalin
It's terribly vital
to stab a pool stick up Paula Abdul's culo like Abner
I'm America's Idol
Fuck Michael and his pedophile girl behavior
Conrad Murray did every child in the world a favor
If he was living he'd be taking Justin Bieber's nookie
Stacy Kiebler's pussy
Taste like Kiebler's Cookies
She's Italian but I'll put some Hebrew in Snookie
Sookie Sookie now when I dookie
Gibson should play a Holocaust victim slaughtered
He hates jews
I'll put my Jewish dick in your daughter.

Chorus x2

Kim Kardashian's a relationship car crash
I'd like to fuck her gargantuan ass
Bite it like a tarantaula
Smack it with a spatula
Stick a gun in let the gat go blast
and dispose of it like yard trash
Kristin Stewart I insist that we do it
Fist you with a pistol
Make you chew it then drink piss fluid
Tweaked on Adderalls
Make her choke on fat balls
Poke a hole in Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls
Whitney went beserk on a packed flight
She lost it
Cuz she can't find a crack pipe
She lost it
Free Hinkley and Manson
Let them out the damn cage
I wanna see both of these guys go on a rampage.
Michelle Obama gives head like Belladonna
She looks like a female gazelle cross-bred with Michael's llama
Megan Fox is begging for cocks
Ill get her pregnant spread her legs and hatch the eggs in a box

Chorus x2
The King of Howard Stern

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