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Hurry Up Lyrics

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dont remember where we met all i do know..
is i said how she look me up and down she said lets go
so we went to her spot off the back blazin hot clothes
cam off it was on headboard broke mind was blown

after the session she checked the messages on her cell..
all of the sudden her face just froze and her eyes got big as
hell...the message said hey baby surprise surprise girl im free
i'll be home around 3 and it was already 3:15...she said (hurry up)

grab ya shoes (hurry up) grab ya clothes (hurry up) cause my mans
comin home (she said hurry up) hit the street (hurry up) disappear (hurry up) ya gotta get outta here baby hes crazy...believe me he'll kill u...leave ya number i'll call you whatever words you need to (hurry up)

she said he stood bout 7'9...killed some cat for lookin at her and got 25 to life...but somehow he's out today and this fool is on his way hell snap yo neck and not think twice...get your shit and goodnight (hurry)now i aint trippin cause it ain't a man alive i fear(naw) im draggin around ever so slowly puttin on my gear...grabbed my jeans off da floor suddenly keys in the door...she changed the locks that bought me time but still this dude it right outside.


she said get under the bed like thats a good place to hide..he kicked down the door no hello he just goes who car is that outside i looked at him he looked at me i still had one leg out my jeans (he grabbed his bow) put it to my head guess i should have listened when she said....(hurry up)


hurry up....hurry up....hurry up

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