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Rocko - Hustle (Feat. Nas) (Poet)

I've been drinking, I've been thinking
What my life would be without you
Come too far to turn back now
Think about all the things we've been though
I'm in love with the hustle, hustle hustle
I'm in love with the hustle, hustle hustle

[Verse 1: Rocko]
I'm the big of the barb of the bus (?) chef
The C-E-O, the rapper, MC Rocko the best, I got a million hustles
I'm a doctor, I'm the lawyer, but me not no judge
I'm an accountant, me need it all, me not gone budge
Natural born hustler, yes, that we are
Live in color flow, look I'm king in my ivory
Way in way out, train a boxer, I do it all
Realtor, builder, painter, artist
Play a little softball too, come to pitching, I'm the hardest
Kick back, getting tatted up drinking
Louis XIII, throwing back shots, thinking

[Verse 2: Nas]
Veteran reporter, prosecutor avoid her
I never trusted the Department of Justice
Police corruption, drugs, what's the explanation
Nas a Afrocentric-Asian, roam this ghetto plantation
Under surveillance, gotta pay another bailiff
Gotta spray another Mac, ducking all these bullets hailing
It's not enough crackheads like it used to be
Unless you selling bricks, you ain't really seeing G's
Gotta bust a strip real quick, pills or lean
Get whatever from a pharmacy, it's either that or a robbery
Catching niggas shining, book his punk ass
You know the look on our faces when we want cash
Get the bank card, social withdrawal, the money gone
Before you know what hit ya'll
Women stopped selling sex, started forging checks
Niggas got their video on the Star, they mixtape on the net
Let's hustle

[Verse 3: Rocko]
Put some food on the table, everybody grab a plate
But didn't nobody cook, nobody brought to groceries
Took my homies to the water, taught 'em how to fish
Some niggas lazy, don't rather you feed 'em - I said I'm done
Blood sucking leaches, fuck 'em, I don't need 'em
Hustler niggas on it, that's the motto
H-N-O, Rocko
I already know my M-O, grind get dope
Anything ya'll (?)
With my (?) cause she plug with the boy
I know the lingo, I'm a hustler, I play with them toys
I know how to make that mail, everything stamped up
Letter A, number one, first at everything
Settle for nothing, I want better things

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