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I Ain't Bullsh...n' Lyrics

from As Nasty As They Wanna Be

"I Ain't Bullsh...n'" is track #7 on the album As Nasty As They Wanna Be.
"I Ain't Bullsh...n'" is track #7 on the album As Nasty As They Wanna Be.

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"I said listen bitch, I ain't gonna say it too many goddamn times"
I'ma say it one time... and I'm gonna say that...

[sampled] "I ain't bullshittin' - bitch you wasn't shit"

Now what I'ma say I'ma say it only one time and one time only
The people who I do offend if I offend you and you take it in a personal way
Then personally I don't give a damn
Cuz first of all what I'm goin say now is goin' be very so true... I mean like very true
So, if you don't like it... fuck you

Now I'm goin tell you a lil' somethin' about the lil' clique that we aren't in
We're not in... I mean you know the clique...
We travel all around the world on tours with groups and they really don't like us
You know, a lot of suckers talk a lot of shit about us
and a lot of bitches talk a lot of shit about us...
so uh we say somethin' like this here: [chorus]
[sampled] "I ain't bullshittin'"
and you know all them...
[sampled]"bitch you wasn't shit"
[sampled] "I ain't bullshittin'"
Do it over...
And the bitch wasn't shit!
[sampled] "I ain't bullshittin'"
[sampled]"bitch you wasn't shit"
[sampled] "I ain't bullshittin'"
say it one more time...
[sampled]"bitch you wasn't shit"

Now let me tell you a story about this kid who has the record...
who really likes talkin' to pipes if you know what I mean...
I mean man cuz only sold 150 thousand strong
I mean he need to get up on his own shit
instead of gettin in Billboard talkin' shit about the 2 live crew
You know who I'm talkin bout...
I mean, man name is MC "shine" ... is his name "Shine"?
Fuck what his name is, I mean cuz don't even know his ass from a hole in the ground
He got some fucked up Puma's on, I mean you know he ain't gettin' paid shit
Cuz uh, we can see his feet... and you know somethin?
My nigga, yo scratch somethin' for him...

[sampled] "I ain't bullshittin'"
and my nigga was...
[sampled]"bitch you wasn't shit"
[sampled] "I ain't bullshittin'"
get that pipe out yo mouth
[sampled] "I ain't bullshittin'"
One more time... tell him...
[sampled]"bitch you wasn't shit"

And now we wanna know, who's actually 'doin it' with the R...
I mean like 'doin it' with the R... who's suckin' the R's dick?
Somebody in New York who controls shows... and National tours
Who don't let us play on National tours...
They're suckin a certain persons dick, a certain groups dick...
One MC and one DJ and... the initial of the name is... C.L.
HA HA, y'all know him... we know him...
personally I don't give a fuck about the bitch


I just want y'all to know one thing and one thing only
We made this one record so it can get played in New York City
and I know it will get played in New York City
mo' times than you ever thought it would get played
cuz we only talkin' bout people who don't like us...
And for all you other one million people out there we love y'all...
And the rest of them...


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