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I Feel For You Lyrics

"I Feel For You" was written by Cruz, Anthony S / Wilkins, Amar.
"I Feel For You" was written by Cruz, Anthony S / Wilkins, Amar.

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Sketchy, witness the relentless, the man hunted tensin'
The Tek left behind was printless
Narcs an' Homicide, Feds an' armored rides
Hell, selacia, I'm vest up, armed to die

Forever will glock shots, shoots to kill
So what the deal? Violate, feel the steel
The cleverest, so whoever slips, roamin' an' holdin'
Terrorists born wit dis, gettin' on wit dis

Make a move while you fake moves, you an' your frontin' fools
Dressed upon jewels, livin' on 6 2's
But now it's on, the end justifies the means
Lye, smoke an' Cream is all I fiend

It's in my genes, I float through the streets
An' seen an intended European an' 50 coupe, it's green
Nothin' in between, me an' my team, we're ill too
Respect due or I feel for you

We got this locked now, pure official, white crystal
The hype'll get you before the snipe from the pistol
It's potent, just one whiff'll have you floatin'
Hot an' soakin', while I'm sellin', y'alls is smokin'

Forever shinin', except the Blue Diamond's prime an' dinin'
With wealthy old dime bitches, rich as from cosignin'
Gold an' American, leave the charge, car holdin'
I'm rollin', affiliated with those that's ballin'

So knowledge me an' analyze my qualities
You've crossed all apologies, my lifetime policy
Plus playin' for keeps in these New York streets
To get deep, so hold heat, try to control your sleep

'Cos, the life I live is deeper than the Mississippi Rivers
Me an' my niggas only drivin' what a ride give us
Puffin' lye, gettin' high 'til we die
So fuck it, whatever, nigga, try to violate an' fry

Cruz, Anthony S / Wilkins, Amar

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Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Royalty Network


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