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Dead Prez
I Have A Dream, Too Lyrics

{There was an incident where
A police had shot a black man in the back
And then went and plant a gun next to him
And say that the guy draw a gun on him
Which they find out after the investigation
That the guy didn't have no gun
The police had shot him in cold blood}

Wake up nigga
Wake up nigga
Wake up wake up wake up

Backseat of the 'lac, big gat in my lap
Ready for combat, feelin' like Geronimo Pratt
We had the windows cracked, headed up the strip
Black rag in my hand, don't want no prints on the clip
Hollow tips 'cause we thugs with this shit, my nigga
This ain't no game, we bang for yo hood, my nigga
I take a left at the light, turn off the headlights and ride real slow
Now holla at me when you see the five 0
Alright Dirty, y'all boys ready?
'Bout to turn drive-bys revolutionary
Yeah, motherfucker yeah
Yeah, motherfucker yeah
Look at 'em run, too scared to pull they guns
Outta shape from them coffees and them cinnamon buns
This shit is fun, how I feel when the tables is turned
Hollow tips hit your flesh through your vests and it burn
That's a lesson you learn, comin' straight from the slums
And it don't stop till we get full freedom

Die, die, die
Just when you thought it was safe
Police kill a little boy last night
They said "It was a mistake"
But that won't bring back his life
His momma couldn't believe
That it could happen to her
She prayed to God everyday
Guess it just wasn't enough

And this is a revolutionary salute
Now mean to the comrades
Word, 'cause this is real shit
This ain't just stories you now I'm sayin'
People like Twyla Meyers
Crazy Balagon, Kunta Hari, Rushell McGee
Jalil Mutakeem, Hugo Yogipinell
Herman Bell, Zaahir Shakur, Asana Shakur
Nahanda Abiodum, Russel Maroon Shokes
George Jackson, Tariq Haskins, Mutulu Shakur
Lenin Paeltay, Jonathan Jackson, Shanta Senkoffer
Bunjy Carter, Albert Washington, Rusty Uhuru
Eddie Conway, the Black Liberation Army
Tupac Amaru Freedom Fighters
The Mau Mau, the Zapatistas, Black and Brown Power

Long live, all soldiers

Vonkeli Williams;Lavonne Alford

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