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[Verse 1 - Joell Ortiz]
On hot days the fire hydrant kept me cool man
Occasionally stole a snack from the fruit stand
Stepped in dog poop, no good luck
Then I hitch a ride on the back of an ice cream truck

Yep, that's how I grew up
Had too much to drink on my birthday and threw up
The Yankees playin' against the Indians, it's two up
My TV too fuzzy, I can't really tell who up
Let my laces drag, too lazy to tie my show up
The sole is all chewed up, wish I had the new Chucks
The elevator felt like a sauna
Reeked of old urine, and cheap marijuana
I woke up one mornin', and creeped to the corner
See them candles, my boy Steve is a coroner
Comin' up in NY was just ill, but I look back and,
I guess that's what made me real

[Chorus - Samuel]
I grew up in an apartment on the West Side
Taught to never feel right, always residin' on the outside
I was made to grow up and be famous
So I'm tryin' my best to stay shameless
Can't take this, change of season
I'm sick to my stomach for no reason
But I guess that's, part of the deal
I guess that's what makes me real

(Da da da da da da da) (X2)

[Verse 2 - Samuel]
Woken up to car alarms
Coffee shops and nail salons
I take a ride on the subway on my bicycle downtown
Coney Island stoned
I was afraid to ride The Cyclone
Blackouts fade into fresh lemonade
And late night serenades


[Verse 3 - Samuel]
Walkin' through the park at dawn
New York Times and candy bars
I take a ride on the subway when my bicycle breaks down
Nothin' ever changes
Just the same old summer faces
The days are long so we hold on
'Cause the feelin' just won't last

Late nights, early mornings
Smokin' cigarattes in Coney Island
The subway's burnin'
Street lights, golden summers
Throwin' empty bottles off the roof
In the rain and thunder


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