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Idlewild Blue (Don'tchu Worry 'Bout Me)

People, don't you worry 'bout me
Evil, gon' get buried by me
Well, I'm gonna choo, choo out of this lil' town
And soon as I do it, I'mma get down
Come on, ah, ah, ah, come on

Mama, don't you worry 'bout me
Papa, don't you worry 'bout me
Well, I live a life but it just ain't mine
I know I'm your son, won't you let me shine?
Come on, ah, ah, ah, come on

Sally, don't you worry 'bout me
Whoa Sally, don't you worry 'bout me
Don't worry 'bout me, I'll be fine
Well, that's what I tell 'em, baby, but I'm lying
Come on, ah, people come on

Y'all know 'bout the blues don't you?
Everybody get the blues
Even babies get the blues

Some call it baby blue
Some call it midnight blue
And some call it navy blue
Whatever hue is what we gonna do
We gon' play until you feel happy
'Til there ain't no more blues

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