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If You See Him, If You See Her

If you see him, tell him I wish him well
How am I doin'?
Well, sometimes it's hard to tell

I still miss you more than ever
But please don't say a word
If you see him, oh, if you see him

If you see her, tell her I'm doin' fine
And if you want to, say that I think of her
From time to time

Ask her if she ever wonders
Where we both went wrong
If you see her, if you see her

Oh, I still want her
And I still need him so
Oh, I don't know why
We let each other go

If you see her, tell her the light's still on for her
Nothing's changed
Deep down the fire still burns for him

And even if it takes forever
Say I'll still be here
If you see him, if you see her
If you see him, if you see her

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