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Illusion (from "Austin & Ally") (Lyric Video)

I'll be your entertainer
I'm puttin on a show
I'm gonna levitate ya
Leave ya
Wa- Wa- Wantin more
I see you fascinated
I've got you hypnotized
White gloves, what you dream of
A fantasy before your eyes

Chorus :
Step right up on the stage
Free yourself from the cage
Pick a card and guess it girl
Here's a lesson girl
It's just an illusion
1-2-3... I disappear
I'm coming right back, so stay right here
Ani't no second guessing girl
I'm impressing girl
But I'm just an illusion

(end of choruse)

I aint no fake houdini
I put a spell on you
I'm somethin like a genie
Girl I make your wish come true

And now our time is runnin
With every grain of sand
So here's the grand finale
Watch me do my sleight of hand

Chorus( stop at illusion)

Somewhere in a dream
In a dream
We'll meet again my baby
And I promise that I won't disappear
I'll be right here
And I won't be won't be won't be
Just an illusion (yeah, baby)

Chorus 2 times

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