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Im Good Lyrics

feat. Cito Goldie

from Consignment

"Im Good" is track #14 on the album Consignment.
"Im Good" is track #14 on the album Consignment.

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[Featuring: Cito Goldie]

Yeah bandana on my snapin, nikes on my feet
Got a girl with a fat ass, rollin on that F game
cause Im like in back.
oh boy thats your girlfriend well homie I smash that
tell them haters back back, you can t touch this money hoe
guess up Im like in sunny co
spend up all this money hoe smoking on that .
shawty know what turned it up, something like the radio
then I probably burn it up oh cally flow, you can find me at the top
thats where all the winners go
oh you can go digging hoe
you can go nigga hoe, Im all about my money
yeah Im all about my dough
yeah pick lemonade every day
when you see me I pop .like
Im 3 D you can try man but you can never beat me
I blow you away high breezy

Im good, f*ck your feeling
Homie Im chillin, chi-chi-chillin
Homie Im chillin, chi-chi-chillin
Homie Im chillin, chi-chi-chillin
I said Im good, f*ck your feeling
Homie Im chillin, chi-chi-chillin
Homie Im chillin, chi-chi-chillin
Homie Im chillin, chi-chi-chillin

Im so smooth Im Tom Cruise in both shoes
I make moves like plan.
Im so addicted to winning nigga I cannot lose,
I love shitting on niggas f*cking Im so rude
The way Im living is way different to noes dudes
I give my .from old time is old school
Louie V flip flops automor tic tacs
Racks bottles zip block tell me who is this ha
A main nigga with main nigga is a way richer
He cant shopping and .fly plate nigga
Whoever dont matter cant get however
wherever is not just uncovered is the way that I put it together
life for superstar now Im living luxury
niggas coming bro now really damn f*ck with me
bitches coming bro now really wanan f*ck with me
thats why Im in the house and I dont want no company


Homie Im chillin OG stadis
My pocket on swall when the bitches want to be the baddest
So rappest you already know who dad is
Came from the bottom of the hood with the crackets
Sleeping on the .side matrix
Catch me coming out the mandarin
With the .yeah Im chillin better get your nina
Leave me with the money like Bobby Cristina
I have your mom in the front row in the black dress
Two mill cash many time on access
Told you Im chillin enough for the small talk
Its leave rolled up let it .watching the bracelet dtraight from the .
Happen out the big boy .go with the bisquet
Still down to earth though keeping realistic
Real I already told you but in case you missed it nigga


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