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I'm Not a Gentleman Lyrics

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(willie d)
"Ladies first"... who the fuck made up that shit?
9 times outta 10 it was a bitch
I'm comin' at cha like this
'Cause your pussy ain't no more important than my dick, Miss
I'm not your motherfuckin' doll
You won't see me runnin' to ya at your every beck and call
Bitches act like they handicapped
Want me to open doors, pull up chairs and all that
I'm the motherfuckin' gangster of love
So how you gonna run me like I'm some kind of scrub
Think your pussy made of gold? Well it's not
You couldn't get a dime for it at the pawn shop
I won't pack your bags at the store
Nor will I take you to a play or a musical, whore
And break my neck to be extra polite
I'll take your motherfuckin' ass to a chicken fight
And if you get cold, you gonna sneeze
Cause I ain't givin' you my coat, so I can freeze
People say my manners are minimum
I'm from the ghetto, hoe
I'm not a motherfuckin' gentleman!

I'm not a gentleman!

I'm not a motherfuckin' gentleman!
I told you that in the first rap
Hell no, I won't remove my cap
When I go to ya mom's crib for my grill
T-shirt, sneakers and jeans is how I feel
Your mom grit her dentures
Cause I'll be eatin' with my hands, not the proper utensils
I say "Yeah, naw", not "Ma'am"
I was raised like that, so that's the way that I am
I don't give a damn if you ain't got a seat
My feet hurt too, you ain't no better than me
Stand your ass up, wait your fuckin' time
I don't give a fuck if you're 9 or 99
Drop something if you want to, freak
And I won't leap to pick it up like a geek
In a dash or flash, goddamn I'll pass
I'ma let you bend over so I can see dat ass
I might laugh, giggle, or grin
You could say Willie D is out to win
People say my manners are minimum
I'm from the ghetto, hoe
I'm not a motherfuckin' gentleman!

I'm not a gentleman!

I'm not a motherfuckin' gentleman!
Or a nice guy or a goodfella
I'll straight up tell her
Bitch, to suck my dick
Fuck that beatin' around the bush shit
When I go see a hoe
I don't knock at the door, I blow
And if we go to a restaurant I don't let her pick it
Cause she'll try to choose the one most expensive
You don't like it when I walk in the front zone
Well slowpoke-ass hoe, bring your ass on
You say I disrespect women like I'm crazy
But every woman ain't a motherfuckin' lady
I treat a hoe like a hoe and a bitch like a bitch
And a lady like a lady but I don't sip Dom Prignon
And listen to Luther or Kenny G, it's Geto Boys and Jubilee
You can't catch me holdin' hands in the shopping mall
If I'm wearin' (? ? ? ? ? )
You know I'm gettin' them draws
People call me a lot of things, love
But they'll never accuse me of
Being a motherfuckin' gentleman!

I'm not a gentleman!

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