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I'm On It Lyrics

feat. Lil Wayne

from King Shit

"I'm On It" is track #23 on the album King Shit. It was written by Kenon, Calvin / Stevenson, Michael / Carter, Dwayne /.
"I'm On It" is track #23 on the album King Shit. It was written by Kenon, Calvin / Stevenson, Michael / Carter, Dwayne /.

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[Chorus - Tyga]
I'm on it, I'm on it
I'm on it
If we talking about money bitch
I'm on it

[Verse 1 - Tyga]
Snap back chin up
Gold chain nigga
Stripes no Tigger, Tyga, bitches
Hundred proof liquor
Live no liver
There's hoes in this motherfucking straight, tripping
A nigga know different
So we hold the E though
Smash on the bitch brains looking like meatloaf
The hoe know me close, she lying, Leo's
Pedigree swag is so cold, zero
Hop in Medino, oops I meant Modena,
Life is a bitch better know how to treat her
I don't get between, my goal be to win
Young Money Heisman, rookies of the year, bitch


[Verse 2 - Tyga]
Raise hell boy hell yeah I'm hot hello
Boy yellow, but my bitch black from the ghetto
Put the flow want to pop watch the shit sizzle
You grilling me? Better break fast McGriddle
I ain't finna slow down, keep running your mouth
I'm running the wheel skate, party in the fucking house
My niggas is loud in the lobby they can't shut us down
Pop pop a drink drink drink some Coke and a smile
No clown, but I hit the party then I'm out
I run town all day twenty four miles
A hundred and fifty on the dash can't even count
Keep fucking bitch, ain't shit to talk about


[Verse 3 - Lil Wayne]
Be-best rapper C.E.O.
Fine as wine flow
Pinot Grigio
Niggas can't fuck with me
Need the bitches, need the hoes
Life is a motherfucking gamble, Peter Rose
Momma taught me well, kush in the L
Paper everywhere like books just fell
More money to make, more pussy to smell
Like yeah, I'm a Libra like put that on a scale
New Orleans nigga with my dick up in my right hand
Young Money nigga money longer then a lifespan
Still go to sleep with my Bible on my nightstand
Flyer then a bitch and you ain't even got your flight planned



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