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I'ma Beast Lyrics

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Yea bow wizzle hoe
G3 ! Let's go !
How ya doin

Let's go !
Ah still ballin I keep dat ice on me
Yea I'm the ladies man I think yo wife want me
I'm floing stupid big u get dat loud pack
And all my girlz lik girlz nigga how fly is dat
I giv my roof a track u boys aint saying nothin
You got a lil charger I call dat belly stuntin
I'm at the hottest spots u niggas hardly there
I got it on lock like Bob Marley said
How many stacks lik yours hod dat shit aint fair
And if u wanna talk money than we can take it there
Ah I'm kinda cocky I'm stuck in my waves
I quiet rockin fittich (why)
Cuz they fuck up my waves
Ooo now dats my pretty boy swagg
So when I see u they call me Mr. always pop tags
If it aint the black card motherfucka I got pass
If a nigga talk shit about me dats his ass
No h.o.m.o betta check my m.o.
Cash money records still so so def hoe
My girl is on the west coast and she got dat cali swagg Shittin on u bitches and my lady watch the latest fab And she got the ladies back my 5 star chick
So u know I gotta impress her with dat 5 star dick
Cuz my chick bad badder than yours
If u ever seen yours u would say the same words
And we keep gettin movie money
The money keep piling
While these rappers buyin jewelry
I'm bout to buy an island
I dont kno wat they doin they dont do it like bow
Ten years in the game got my hataz like wow
Ah shout to columbus u know dats my town
Any city dat I go into I shut that bitch down
Yea yea u already know I live at every bank branch
Gotta keep a backpack cuz it cant fit in my back pants Ah dis rap shit to easy
Ill Will I told u I can do dis while I'm sleepin
Bow ! Wizzle ! Lets go !


I'ma beast
Yea I'm a dog
It's Bow Wizzle and I'm came to set it off (set it off)
Yeah I'ma beast
Yeah I'm a dog
It's Bow Wizzle and I'm came to set it off (set it off)
I'm a beast nigga (beast nigga) 8x

G3 ! G3 ! G3 !

What it is !
Dat all mighty G3 ah !
Too much money 4 yall motherfuckas man yall niggas cant keep up swear to god man ah man

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