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Its Gonna Be Alright Lyrics

"Its Gonna Be Alright" was written by Void, Sterling/robinson, Paris/strummer, Joe/jones, Mick / Headon, Nicky Topper.
"Its Gonna Be Alright" was written by Void, Sterling/robinson, Paris/strummer, Joe/jones, Mick / Headon, Nicky Topper.

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[Chorus x2]
It's gonna be alright
Keep your head up to the sky
[Z-Ro] Cause everything's gon' be alright

Too many problems in my life I find myself unable to maintain
The nigga that was takin over my brain
Redesignin my main frame
Developin so much hatred I feel like fuck all of y'all
And for the slightest disrespect I would gladly touch all of y'all
Dedicated to doing bad and addicted to drama
People think I'm missin manners and home training but I'm just missin my momma
It's like I don't fit in this bullshit world
Surrounded by bullshit boys and bullshit bitches
that'll murder they own people for a come up
And that's why I be mean muggin every son of a bitch that walk or run up
I'm paranoid my nigga, I keep one in the chamber
Willing to trade my freedom for life and live among strangers
My goal is to become one hundred and ten years old
I found myself but I can't grow until I find my soul
Stuck on 25 but hopefully I'll survive, I'll make it
Receiving hard pain from L.O.V.E., but I'll take it

[Chorus x2]

Dear Dorthy I know you looking at ya son from heaven
Totally peaceful as can be, with out drugs, and weapons
Wish I could open up the pearly gates and see your face
But I gotta sinful life momma and I might not get to see that place
I just can't keep my cool, mother fuckers be pressin the wrong button.
I pull out my Jimmy Bone switchblade and start guttin'
Nigga you aint never known pain, you don't want this in your jugular vein
Rusted blades make gan green spread like mayonnaise mayne
I can't think of nothin' that make me feel like that dro
Not even a woman, cause as quick as she comes she out the do'
Can't put my trustin in Eve, cause she got tricks up her sleeve
All I wanna do is living til I'm D.E.A.D.
Of natural causes I don't need nobody knockin' me off
Just let me fall bitch get out the way you blockin' me off
Stuck in the same spot but hopefully I'll survive, I'll make it
Disrespected by the people I love, but I'll take it

[Chorus x3]


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