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It's Not Your Fault Lyrics

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Verse 1:
It was a sunday morning, stepped out the crib
Coul'dve sworn the day before had a good reason to live
I fell in love easily decieved by her trickery,
Actually believing she's the one that might be into me.
She's not the one, she's so gone, she's long gone,
Thinking to myself, "My God, where did I go wrong?"
It's not the same, my efforts were in vain, and now it seems like
every other girl out there has changed..
We're only human though miss we're not all perfect, but now I'm having second thoughts don't know if it was worth it, it's not your fault its mine i opened up, to you not knowing that you really didn't give a f*ck. I played my cards right, tried to make it work, sometimes you have to live both hell and heaven on this earth, but, truth be told I think I'm better off without you but I just can't seem to live my life without thinking about you.

Verse 2:
With every hour every minut every second that would pass I'd reminisce about your thoughts and everything we used to have. Its not a good thing to hold anger in your heart cus when it comes to it you'll realize youll be living in the dark trying to fill an empty space that's better off if you avoid, and then you'll understand people are two-faced lik a coin. Damn, i did my very best, and all i got were bruises on the left side of my chest. Technically, I guess you win by default, but now I know to keep all these emotions in a vault. I should have known better even though it seems I was bewitched. So small you're like a flee bite and still I felt the itch and I had a need to scratch to the point I made it bleed, and now the itch is gone but now this scar will never leave and even though you brought this to me and you caused my heart to swell, I want to say I meant it when I said I wished you well..

Verse 3:
It's been a minute now still we keep it cool, but now you're going back and forth within my crew. I forgive but don't forget half of the things you put me through, and how you changed my world into an ugly shade of blue. We're not all perfect though miss, we're only human, I hope you know it's not my fault your reputations ruined. I'm not concerned if you return but you should consider this chapter in my life ajourned. Your image burned, forever turned to dust, I don't know how to love no more but still know how to lust. I don't trust any girl that comes near my circumference, don't know what problems come with it, don't know if i should stay or turn around and start to run from it. So many days gone thinking of you, and now your life is sinking, and I'm above the flood, and when you knock for help I'll double check the door is shut, cus now I understand It's not your fault that you're a s-

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